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Eyelash extension care is essential for everyone. The trend of extending one’s eyelashes is undeniable. Everyone has or is considering getting them, and it’s easy to see why. They provide their wearer with a permanently gorgeous appearance with no effort, and they need no more upkeep than a daily application of cosmetics or a pair of fake eyelashes. If you want your extensions to look fabulous and last as long as possible, follow these guidelines.


When you do eyelash extension care, do not get your eyelashes wet for the first 24 hours

The first thing we need to discuss is your routine after obtaining extensions. You go to the salon to have them put on, and then. Don’t get them wet for at least a day if you can help.

On some days, you are too busy to take a shower or wash your face. The adhesive is still softening, and your lashes are still delicate, so rinsing them off might cause the glue to come away or the extensions to become misaligned. The first 24 hours are the most important, so be gentle with them. You shouldn’t risk ruining your brand-new (expensive!) lashes because you forgot about the care guidelines for a second. If you can only stay dry, you should be alright.

Keep it dry for the first two days

So, you’ve made it through the first day without wetting them, and they still appear hot. Well done!

It would help if you continued to stay dry for another 24 hours. To clarify, we don’t mean you have to cancel your plans to go swimming, utilize the sauna, or have fun playing in the rain. They shouldn’t be exposed to too much water just yet; it’s not healthy for their development. You may take a brief shower, but a full-on sauna is not permitted.


Take care of your false eyelashes by brushing them every day

Remembering to brush your eyelash extensions every day is a crucial maintenance step. To keep them looking their best and avoid them becoming tangled, it is up to you to take extra care of your extensions. A lack of brushing may cause problems like tangling, bending, sticking together, etc. Not one person requires that.

Just use a clean Spoolie to brush through them a few times every day to prevent your eyelashes from becoming tangled and ensure they are facing the appropriate direction. This prevents them from easily distorting out of shape.


Ensure you don’t scratch, pull, or rub your eyes during eyelash extension care

When you have lash extensions, one of the essential things to remember is not to touch your eyes, including rubbing them due to fatigue or irritation, scratching them, removing your makeup with an abrasive scrub, etc.

You should avoid touching your eyes and eyelashes because any rough motion in this region may either pull out your lashes or remove the adhesive, resulting in unnaturally shaped lashes.

You probably spent a lot of money on them, so it makes sense to do everything you can to preserve them in pristine condition for as long as possible.

It’s not a good idea to use watertight eye protection

Waterproof cosmetics have their place, and we love them when they work, but they may be highly damaging to your eyelashes.

Using waterproof cosmetics, even if you have natural lashes, may weaken and dry your lashes, and you may wind up ripping them out when you remove your makeup since the substance is so persistent.

With extensions, your hair is even more delicate and susceptible to the problems that certain waterproof products may cause.

Taking off waterproof mascara and eyeliner may be painful since it requires vigorous washing and oil treatments. Don’t bother with the waterproof versions while shopping for eye cosmetics since these two scenarios should be avoided when using extensions.

Never use eye products with oil

Did you know you shouldn’t use any oils after getting lash extensions?

This is one of the most critical aftercare advice you’ll get when you have them done.

The glue used to secure the extensions may become loose if oils are applied, and this is true even if you don’t put oil directly on your lashes.

To maintain their fluidity, many eye cosmetics, including various oils, might be disastrous for your eyelash extensions.

Read ingredient lists more carefully and check that your eye treatments are safe for use with extensions.

Remover makeup that contains oil or is too harsh should not be used.

When removing your makeup, your lash extensions are especially at risk since you have to tug and scrape at them to get rid of the product, and you also have to be cautious about the kind of remover you use.

The best cleanser for eyelash extensions will be mild and oil-free. Extremely harsh substances are not helpful since they may dry up your lashes, but you should also avoid oil.

If you’re not using extensions, you may remove your makeup with baby oil, coconut oil, or anything similar. This way is particularly proper for waterproof items. You should also avoid using biphasic removers, which consist of two different solutions that must be mixed well by shaking the bottle.

Take care not to damage anything when you remove it when you do eyelash extension care.

The process of elimination ought to be as painless as feasible. The fact that you shouldn’t scrape, pull, and tug has already been established; now, let’s look at the alternatives.

Micellar water is the safest and most effective makeup remover, so use it to dampen a cotton pad or a cotton bud. A cotton bud to remove eyeliner and other makeup from the area close to the lash line is recommended, while a cotton pad is used to remove the product from the lid in a more general sense.

If you wear eyelash extensions, avoid curling your lashes.

It’s a common misconception that women who obtain lash extensions may continue to use their lash curlers as before.

In any case, that’s a major no-go. Getting your extensions done is the perfect time to talk to your stylist about how you may get a tighter curl. In most cases, they won’t lose much of their shape while you’re wearing them.

If you have lash extensions and are considering curling them for extra lift, you should know that traditional lash curlers are not a good option. They are rough on the lashes and may easily pull out the extensions.

If you absolutely must curl them. Gently using a hot lash curler and staying away from the base might be a better option. Remember that the extensions will break far more quickly than your lashes.

Avoid getting your extensions tinted or permed.

Any treatment, including mechanical curlers, should be avoided if you want your lash extensions to last as long as possible and continue looking beautiful. Other options, including colouring and perming, for enhancing the appearance of your lashes without resorting to extensions are available.

Though the end product is stunning, extensions should never undergo this chemical treatment. The technician should refuse to do any of these procedures on your wings. But if they do, you should remember that they will severely damage your hair.


Know how to do at-home extension removal

Please don’t risk hurting your natural lashes by removing your lash extensions on your own if you aren’t sure how to do it properly. Some of your extensions may have come out after a few weeks, leaving you with gaps and uneven lashes. We won’t sugarcoat it: they won’t present well.

After that, you have three options:

  • Get them professionally removed.
  • Have them filled in.
  • Wait until they all fall out on their own.

It may be tempting to yank them out on your own without paying someone else to do it.

However, removing them on your own might damage your natural lashes from the removal process and the glue residue at the base of the lash, which can lead to more complications.

Don’t rip or pluck them off; have them professionally removed or use a lash glue remover to take them off carefully without damaging your lashes. 

Reattaching your extensions using glue at home is not recommended.

A few stray extensions may make their way out throughout the weeks you wear them. Since the wings have adhered to your natural lashes, they will shed along with them as your lashes shed and grow.

Hence, they can appear in unexpected places, like the edge of your sink.

Would you get the maximum use out of your extensions if you went and got some fake lash glue and tried to put them back on?

Never, ever! The application of extensions requires a specialized adhesive and a skilled method of application. Reapplying them with ordinary lash adhesive poses risks to the wings and your natural lashes, not to mention your eyes.

Fill up every two to three weeks.

Last but not least, a complete set of beautiful lashes is maintained by routinely filling in any sparse spots. If you don’t get them reinserted when they fall out, they may start to appear ragged and unattractive.

Keep in mind that getting touch-ups every two, three, or four weeks is necessary to keep this look going strong, depending on your natural lash cycle and how well you take care of your lashes at home.

In conclusion, if you take good care of your eyelash extensions and give them the little attention they need, they will last a long time and look great for a very long time. If you follow the advice above, your lash extensions should last very long. Feel free to keep following Selective Nails & Beauty Spa for more upcoming news. 

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