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I’m Helen, the founder of Selective Nails & Beauty Spa. Born in Vietnam, I’ve always had a deep love for beauty and luxury. 

For over a decade, I’ve dedicated myself to the beauty industry, constantly learning and growing.

From a small nail shop to the expansive Selective Nails & Beauty Spa, my journey has been one of passion and commitment. Our 200 square meter salon, inspired by nature, is a haven of peace and top-quality service.

At Selective, we offer more than just nail services; we provide an experience. Our skilled team listens and tailors each service to match our clients’ desires, treating beauty as a valuable investment.

Join us at Selective for not just beauty, but a rejuvenating experience.

With an area of nearly 200m2 at Wollongong plaza SELECTIVE Nail & Beauty spa is a place that provides nail and beauty services that are always at the forefront of trends in the Australian market with a prime location, convenient for customers to come and experience.

SELECTIVE comes into operation as the embodiment of class and modernity from the smallest details. Reaching the maximum score when owning a luxurious and completely private space.

SELECTIVE won the hearts of customers when accompanied by a delicate appearance that is a dedicated, high-class service five star quality standard.

Nail and beauty is a center combining high technology with the most state-of the-art equipment on the market today, along with a team of qualified and talented staff. Products used to serve customers are always used from reputable suppliers and brands in the industry, always focusing on the top concerns about health and convenience for customers.

SELECTIVE is a one-stop-shop model, providing a full range of beauty services from Nail, eyelash extensions, tattoo spray, skin care, Makeup to help customers experience an overall beauty service.

SELECTIVE 5-star international standard will always bring flawless experiences, class-worthy beauty services to always receive satisfaction from every customer.

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