Types Of Eyelash Extensions Guide And Tips

Types of eyelash extensions, as well as pre-appointment preparation advice, will be discussed today. Consider eyelash extensions if you’re often replacing your false eyelashes. However, what exactly are eyelash extensions, and how do they contrast with fake lashes?


Why eyelash extensions?

Extension lashes are a semi-permanent method of enhancing your lashes. The introduction of lash extensions in the early 2000s led to a rapid increase in their popularity in the United States. Since then, we’ve seen everyone from A-listers and social media stars to our next-door neighbours trying out this convenient new fad.

Eyelash extensions are popular. They allow you to skip the adhesive and do-it-yourself lash steps. Also, they may be tailored to your specific preferences. The materials, dimensions, hues, and curl patterns are almost endless. Eyelash extensions also are available for the whole set or individual lashes.

Mink eyelash extensions, the real types of eyelash extensions deal

Few can compete with natural mink’s appeal to Hollywood’s A-list in terms of luxury fabrics. The mink fur in these lash extensions gives them a soft, airy appearance. Because of its low weight, this material outlasts its synthetic counterparts.

However, they are among the most costly materials and must be regularly curled since they are not pre-curled.

Features that set mink eyelash extensions apart

  • Expensive
  • Needs curling and minor upkeep at home
  • Gentle and unforced
  • Wetness might potentially cause curl loss.
  • Animal fur-based

You should ensure that the fur used in these and other lashes are obtained humanely. Don’t know? On the safe side, use synthetic materials or imitation fur.

Eyelash extensions made from sable hair

Real sable fur is used to create sable eyelash extensions. Sables are a kind of wild cat that you can find in Russia, Siberia, and even some Asian countries. Thin lashes benefit significantly from these extensions.

Sable lashes give the impression of being light and airy, and they won’t do any damage to your natural lashes. Since sable lashes are less common than mink, you’ll have to do some asking about to find any.

Sable lash extensions: The essentials

  • Most slender choice
  • Ideal for sparse eyelashes.
  • Wispy
  • Contrary to popular belief,
  • Needs curling and minor upkeep at home

Extensions for your lashes, fox-style

These lashes come in various hues. But the natural reddish tone is reminiscent of a fox’s fur. Eyelashes made of fox fur are silky and glossy. These are less frequent than sable lashes, so ensure you curl them before usage.

Fox Lash Extensions’ Primary Benefits

  • Mild and ruddy
  • Contrary to popular belief,
  • needs curling and minor upkeep at home

False eyelashes are made to seem like fur from animals

If you’re not like the look of actual fur lashes, fake ones are a great alternative. False mink fur is a common choice for eyelash extensions. Faux lashes are fantastic because they are shinier than genuine fur, there are many different types to choose from, and no animals were harmed in making them. One may or may not need to curl them often, depending on the brand.

Remember that faux animal fur lashes seem more dramatic than those made from genuine fur.

Essential features of fake fur eyelash extensions

  • Low upkeep
  • Fabricated with man-made materials
  • Shinier than the best fake fur
  • Affordable
  • Dramatic

Eyelash extensions made of synthetic silk

Type of eyelash extensions that seem made of silk. They’re a little heavier than the thinnest extensions but not as thick as the heavy ones.

Because of the extra weight, these extensions are appropriate for those who already have thick, healthy eyelashes. Synthetic silk lash extensions are more dramatic than other varieties, yet they seem natural.

The Features That Set Synthetic Silk Lash Extensions Apart

  • Substantial
  • Preserves a curl
  • Complete Presentation
  • Affordable
  • Dramatic

How long and thick to make your eyelashes?

The elongation of your eyelashes involves more than simply the material used. Extensions for the eyes may be made in various thicknesses and lengths. There is a wide variety in lash length and thickness, and we’ll discuss them below.


The greater the density of the lash line, the more impressive the overall effect. Remember that lash extensions are designed to last a while before you go overboard with the thickness. Go for it if you feel comfortable wearing heavy makeup on a night out or a Sunday trip to the grocery store! Thinner lashes will give you a more understated appearance.

Natural lashes are weighed down even farther by thick false ones. Your lashes are more vulnerable to damage if they are thin or fragile. Tell your lash technician if you’re worried about the lashes’ durability under stress.

Lashes thicker than.25mm are available and are shown as samples below:


Some eyelashes may be tagged with a “2D” or “3D” designation, which indicates the lash’s dimensions. Fans or clusters of eyelashes are generated while applying extensions to get the desired effect. For example, a “2D” fan has two lashes; a “3D” fan has three, and so on. The conventional “one-dimensional” fan has just only one plane. You can get by without knowing much about individual lash sizes so long as you grasp the scale.


The longer you keep growing it, the more daring your style will become, as with thickness. With lengthy extensions, your natural lashes will stand out even more. Even if your lashes are shorter, you may enhance your appearance using a long lash. The lash technician will likely employ a variety of lengths to emphasize certain features of your eyelashes. For example, lashes that lie closer to the inner eye are often shorter.

Curls are also heavily influenced by hair length. If you want your lashes to curl dramatically, they need to be longer. Eyelashes may be made shorter or longer than the samples shown below:


Types of curls

Curls of varying degrees are available for lash extensions. These curls are organized alphabetically, and there are various styles to try out. Our chart may serve as a jumping-off point for exploring the wide range of curls available at your preferred salon and brand.

There is no hierarchy of curl types as there is with length and thickness. Instead, the form of the curl itself is what categorizes it as a particular kind. Below, we’ll discuss the most typical curls.

  • That curl is very realistic, J. The extra loudness comes at no cost of drama, making this a fantastic option for those who want it. It’s mostly straight with a rounded finish.
  • Curl type B is most easily recognized by its similarity to J curls but with a more pronounced result. This curl is ideal for a subtle but noticeable increase in lash volume.
  • Curls of the C kind are more rounded and less straight than those of the preceding categories. This curl will perk up your eyes and make your lashes seem longer.
  • D: The dramatic curls and volume of this variety are striking. Your eyelashes will be noticeably curled and beautifully voluminous.
  • L: This is a daring style. Therefore it’s commonly related to the “Barbie curl.” This curl has a straight, flat beginning and a sharp upward turn. It’s ideal if you always want to make a statement with your lashes.

Curls come in a wide variety of other styles. Salons may provide these and other curl combinations. Going into your appointment with a particular curl style is unnecessary.

Your visit should go well if you have a cursory familiarity with the distinctions. Determine whether you want your lashes to be dramatic or understated.

Getting lash extensions isn’t your only option if you want longer, curlier lashes; weigh the benefits of a lash lift. Lifting your natural lashes is also less expensive than getting extensions.


Designs for your eyelashes

Eyelashes are pretty variable amongst individuals. Therefore, we can combine eyelash extensions and natural ones to create new forms and looks. The labels given to these cuts and styles by different salons and manufacturers are pretty diverse. Nowadays, a lot of salons make their styles, too.

You can go for a subtle enhancement of your lashes or a more dramatic form that will help draw attention to your eyes.

  • All-Natural: This form looks just what it sounds. This look emphasizes your already beautiful lashes without dramatically altering their form or length.
  • Cat Eyes: The longer lashes of a cat eye shape draw attention to the eyes and provide the illusion of length. It can be a good choice if you seek a seductively mysterious vibe.
  • Doll forms aim to widen your eyes by emphasizing longer lashes in the orbital rim. If you have tiny eyes, this will flatter them significantly.
  •  You can avoid looking like a cat with a squirrel face. If your brows don’t already have a firm arch, you should work on that.
  • Doll and open are often used interchangeably because of their similarity. If you openly wear your hair, your centre lashes will likely be longer and more dramatic. The doll-like gentle transition in lash length across the lid differs from hairdresser to salon.


Remembering every possible eyelash extension form and style is unnecessary. Bring several photos to your visit with your lash technician to assist them in better understanding your desired appearance.

Varieties of eyelash dye

Last but not least, you may combine various hues of lashes. You can choose to use your natural lash colour, a shade lighter or darker, or even some brighter hues.

Adding coloured mascara to your lashes is not as dramatic as you imagine. Choose hues complimenting your natural eye colour to draw attention to your eyes. One fashion that isn’t afraid of colour is mermaid lashes. You can get natural lash colours at most salons, but if you want to experiment with colour, you may have to look around.

Methods of putting types of eyelash extensions


You can apply many types of eyelash extensions in several ways, and lash technicians are trained in them. Each salon has its procedure, rates, and appointment times. It’s also possible that your application won’t be accepted. Below, we’ll discuss the most typical ones.

Traditional Use

In traditional treatment, your lash technician will glue synthetic lashes onto your natural lashes one by one. Authentic appearances are the primary goal of this method. Traditional applications often cost less than newer ones.

Distribution in Masses

When lashes are extended in a volume application, you can apply numerous extensions to a single lash. Here, additional dimensions (such as the third dimension) are possible. The goal of using volume is to create the impression of fullness and drama. Since this technique requires more work from your lash specialist, you may find that the cost and length of your session increase accordingly.

The Benefits of using a hybrid approach

The hybrid application method combines the best features of both traditional and high-throughput methods. Your lash technician will apply single and cluster extensions to your natural lashes. This method allows for higher degrees of personalization and distinctive visual styles. Time and money spent on a salon visit depend on the desired style and services.


Learn more about the different types of eyelash extensions with our help. We will professionally treat your eyes to make them seem brighter. Besides that, we will provide aftercare instructions to ensure your extensions last as long as possible. If you found this helpful post, please share it with others. Also, stay tuned to Selective Nails & Beauty Spa for updates.

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