How To Get the Look of Natural Eyelash Extensions?

We will assist you in achieving the natural eyelash extension’s appearance. Not all eyelash extensions must appear like spectacular butterfly wings on your eyes. I’ve been a certified cosmetologist for over five years and have heard a lot of myths regarding eyelash extensions. If performed correctly, eyelash extensions may give you a natural appearance. Follow our instructions to get natural-looking lashes with extensions.

Natural eyelash extensions vs volume lashes styles

Classic eyelash extensions are the most common variety. One extension is put to each natural lash. Providing added length and curl. They are the best suit for those who have full natural lashes. Classic extensions produce a spidery effect on sparse lashes.

The technician will create a fan of two to six extensions using volume eyelash extensions. The fans are applied on a natural eyelash. Volume styles provide a thick and fluffy appearance. This practice is more likely ideal for folks with sparse natural lashes.


You may believe that if you have thin lashes. It would help if you stuck to traditional designs for a more natural appearance. And may make loudness work.

Smaller fans are thinner lashes between 0.03mm and 0.07mm. And you might need your lash specialist to apply. It would be best if you got a mix of classic with volume lashes for a natural appearance on sparse lashes.

Before you visit a salon for natural eyelash extensions

You don’t want to stroll into a random salon down the street. Request natural extensions, and leave with cobwebs in your eyes. You may obtain the outcomes you desire for the first time by planning ahead of time.

Conduct your research

Look for lash technicians in your region. Examine their references, certificates, and experience. Your lash technician should have a state cosmetology license and prior expertise with lash extensions.

Examine social media to check whether they have posted their work. Nowadays, it’s a red flag if your tech doesn’t openly publicize their clients on social media. It might imply that they do not want customers to write honest feedback on their accounts.

Contact a lash specialist who has achieved a natural appearance with eyelash extensions for a consultation. Be sure to look into facial extensions. Bring photos of persons with close eyes; and facial shapes to your technician. Various photos might help your lash technician get the most incredible sense of what you desire.

Remember that your lashes will remain on your eyes for four to eight weeks. You don’t want to be a hot mess for too long!

Choose a lash material

Typically; eyelash extensions are created from the following materials:

  • Synthetic hair
  • Faux-mink fur on silk
  • Fur made of mink

Synthetic lashes

These may be built of various materials. But, the most common is polybutylene terephthalate or PBT. PBT is a polyester-family semi-crystalline thermoplastic. Stain resistance, lightness, durability, low cost, and water resistance are some of the material features because of its glossy, heavy appearance; and false curls. It seems not realistic at all.

Lashes made of silk

Despite its name, it is a synthetic substance that is one of the most preferred for eyelash extensions. They seem natural. Mainly if your lashes are naturally fine; however, they don’t provide the severe dramatic effect many people want when getting eyelash extensions.

Lashes made with mink fur

Natural mink lashes are the most expensive, yet they are not without controversy. They give eyelashes a natural, feathery, lightweight, and pleasant look. Look for a firm that obtains mink fur responsibly if you desire it.

Mink false lashes

Faux mink lashes are a cruelty-free alternative to natural mink lashes. They’re constructed of the same substance as silk. So you can expect them to be soft, but they have more drama and oomph than silk. However, they will not have the same impact as synthetic lashes. Instead, they’ll maintain a natural appearance.


Consider the colour, length, and curl for natural eyelash extensions

You must choose your eyelash extensions’ colour, length, and curl. Choose a black-brown tone for a natural effect. On most skin tones, pure black may seem harsh.

You’ll probably opt for a classic or hybrid set for the natural appearance. If you have sparse lashes, you may make an exception. You don’t want anything too long since it will seem phoney.

For the most natural curl, go for B and C extensions. Try a blend of C and D lashes if you usually curl your lashes before using mascara. The most natural effect is achieved by varying the lash kinds.

Natural eyelashes are shorter in the inner corner of the eye and get longer as they go outward. Exaggerating this characteristic, on the other hand, may result in a dramatic cat-eye impression. While it flatters various eye forms, it seldom looks natural.

Inquire about lash separation and the type of glue used

Each natural lash will be separated and attached to by lash professionals. They might cause your natural lashes to fall out if they connect one extension to many strands.

Please inquire about the adhesives they use as well. Formaldehyde-containing glues are carcinogenic and allergic. Therefore avoid them.

Request a patch test to check whether you have allergic responses to the adhesive. Certain adhesives may cause itching, soreness, swelling, redness, and eyesight problems.

What can I do to make my eyelash extensions seem more natural?


If you want your eyelash extensions to seem natural, you must properly care for them.

For the first 24 hours, keep your lashes dry

Make sure you have an umbrella and goggles when leaving the salon. You are not permitted to moisten your eyelashes within 24 hours after application. They might deteriorate and fall apart.

Keep moisturizers, cosmetics, and oil-based beauty products away from them. These may compromise the glue’s integrity. You cannot use oil-based cleansers, makeup removers, serums, face creams, or moisturizers during your lash application.

Some experts suggest they be kept from water and steam for 48 hours after application. You should also limit your time under the showerhead since the weight of the flowing water may tear your lashes.

Sleeping on your stomach should be avoided

When you sleep on your stomach, your lash extensions may tangle and twist, giving them an unappealing look in the morning. Try sleeping on your back or side to avoid squashing and retain them in a natural posture.

Consider purchasing a silk pillowcase that will not grab or tug at your lashes. Make sure to clean it regularly to maintain the health of your lashes, skin, and hair.

Make good use of mascara

Most eyelash extensions will replace mascara, but if you have classic extensions, you may still apply them sparingly. Apply it to the tips of your lashes, avoiding brushing the base with mascara. When curling your lashes, use a warm curler for a moderate lift. Mechanical curlers will very certainly break them off.

Every day, clean and brush your lashes

Buy a lash cleaner and include it in your morning and evening cosmetic regimens. A lash cleaner is produced by combining baby shampoo and water. Rinse with clean water after lathering it into your eyelashes. Then, lightly brush your extensions. Brush your lashes with a clean Spoolie to put them in place, particularly after a night of tossing and turning. Brushing might help to avoid the crisscrossed lash appearance. It also eliminates moisture from the extensions, which may cause them to sag.


Traditional eyelash extensions are a great way to extend your natural and have gorgeous lashes daily. They’re a low-maintenance way to boost your look and self-esteem. That is why they are so well-liked. Everything you need to know about lash extensions is here. And how to achieve the classic eyelash styleSelective Nails & Beauty Spa sincerely hopes you find this information beneficial.

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