Top Summer Toenail Colors Designs

The arrival of summer signals that it is time to pack up all those boots and prepare to show off the best summer toenail colors. You already know what this means: it is time for a pedicure. This means that instead of only getting manicures, you are also getting pedicures in preparation for the next season. This indicates that it is time to go shopping for lovely nail paint shades for your toes. Therefore, below you will see our picks for the greatest and most attractive nail patterns you may apply this summer.

Summer Toenail Colors with Blue

Nail paint in an exact shade of blue is presented for your viewing pleasure here. The color is appealing, making us think of the warm weather, even if it’s just standard nail polish.


Blue glitter polish

If you feel plain blue polish is too boring, try blue glitter paint instead of plain blue polish. This is an option if you discover that plain blue polish is too boring. After doing this, you will notice that your toes have a shimmering quality whenever the sunlight touches them.


Summer Toenail Colors with Mint Green

You should dress in calming yet refreshing colors because of the weather. For example, you may paint your nails with mint green nail polish. With its pastel quality, this calming shade of pastel green is great for wearing during the warm summer months since it is a pastel color.


Floral nail art on the toes

Nail art in the form of flowers is not restricted to a particular time of year and may be worn at any time. You may apply nail paint in various colors, as seen in the photo, to create floral patterns on your toenails that you can play with throughout the summer. These designs can be seen in the image to the right.


Silver and crystals

This summer, if you add a layer of silver nail polish to your toenails, you may imagine your feet shimmering and shining. After that, you can go on to the next step, decorating the nails with the manicure crystals.


Toes painted in red

Red is a color that works well in any setting and at any time of the year or year, including winter, summer, spring, or fall. If you have a particular fondness for red, you could paint the toenails on your feet with red nail polish. You may want to try painting this stunning flower pattern white on your toes, with red as the base for the design.


Pink polka dots

You may get the appearance of these toenail designs by applying pink nail polish to your toes with the assistance of a nail art brush. After that, paint one layer of white nail polish onto each nail, and then using a dotting tool, form polka dots on each nail. This completes the process. The look of these designs will be achieved as a result of doing this.


Rose and floral patterns

If you want to experiment with different patterns and designs on your nails, this nail art for your toes is the thing for you to do. It is recommended that white be used for the thumb toe and pastel pink for the remaining toes. Next, using a thin nail brush, apply a coat of pastel pink paint on the thumb toe and create a pattern of circles. After that, make the prints by following the same techniques as before, using a different, smaller brush and brown nail paint. The next step is to create a series of teeny-tiny dots on the thumb toe using a dotting tool dipped in brown nail polish.


Toes with a French point

If you want to give your toenails a French tip, you are free to pick whatever color of nail paint you want to use throughout the procedure. The French tip style may apply to your toenails, specifically big ones. These nails have been given a coral pink color with white tips, and the French manicure method has been used to create them.


Colours of the sunflower and yellow

You could also paint your toenails yellow with nail polish and add a sunflower accent to your big toe, often referred to as the thumb toe. Another option is to paint your toenails red with nail polish. Yellow nail polish is another alternative that may be applied to your fingernails.



Here are a few of our favorite toenail polish hues for the summer. Some of our recommendations could further the careers of some very deserving individuals. You’ll find it helpful, but before you put it to use, make sure it fits in with the rest of the building’s design. If you had that kind of certainty, that would be awesome. If you have any inquiries about the current situation of the nail art business, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us here at Selective Nails & Beauty Spa.

Visit Selective Nails & Beauty Spa if you’re bored with your current manicure regimen and want to try something new. If you are in the Wollongong region and require new manicure ideas, you have a variety of excellent alternatives, one of which is our salon, from which to choose. If you arrive here as quickly as possible, you’ll have more time to try something new. Nevertheless, it is in the best interest of everyone involved to make every effort to come as quickly as possible. We guarantee you will be glad you made the trip to our nail salon.

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