Top Glamorous Party Makeup Looks That Will Turn Heads

An impending party necessitates an outstanding party makeup looks, whether you’re the lady of the hour, the party host, or just another visitor. After all, any event worth attending will be plastered all over social media the next day. And, of course, you’ll want to look your best in all of your Instagram photos and stories.

However, it’s easy to fall into a cosmetic rut and repeat the same look over and again. If you’re looking for some makeup ideas, look no further. Here are some of the most stunning party makeup trends that will make you stand out for all the right reasons!

Top party makeup looks for you
Top party makeup looks for you

Red matte lipstick

If you’re not normally one to wear bright lip colors, a party is a fantastic opportunity to do so. Plus, matte red lips are both traditional and trendy, with a shade of red to suit every skin tone.

But, if you want to nail this look, get advice from a cosmetic salesperson. They’ll be able to tell you if your complexion has cold, warm, or neutral undertones, as well as which red colors look best on you.

Once you’ve found your perfect red lip color, go for a soft base and little eye makeup to make your pout the star of your party look.

English rose in its purest form

An ‘English rose’ appearance is the best cosmetics choice if you’re arranging a nice celebration with floral arrangements. However, before deciding which blush will bring out your natural glow, you must first choose the correct primer for an attractive appearance that will stay all night. To find your ideal match, read these reviews on the best facial primer for those over 50.

Keep your base light and dewy after applying your primer, then brush a delicate pink or peach blusher across your cheeks. Use dark brown mascara instead of black and a splash of rose gold eyeshadow. Finish with a natural pink on your lips to complete your fresh-faced look.

Party Makeup Looks with liner of Cleopatra

Cleopatra’s winged jade eye makeup is one of the most beautiful beauty ideas ever. Keep your foundation light and your lips neutral to draw attention to your eyes. Make dramatic brows and use a black kohl pencil to line your whole eye, fanning it out at the ends.

Cover your lids with a deep jade or turquoise eyeshadow, sweeping up to your brow line and out to a winged edge. Finish with multiple coats of black mascara and a deeper green in the wrinkles of your lids for extra definition.


Stormy eyes

Consider eye makeup in a stormy hue of blue for your next party appearance as an alternative to classic black. Brown eyes look especially good in dark blue because the opposing tone brings out their inherent warmth.

Stick to black mascara with a gentle foundation and neutral lips, but use a light navy kohl liner beneath the eyes. Then, over your lashes, draw a crisp dark blue line. Apply a smidgeon of dark blue shadow to the corners of your eyes and blend it into your lids.

Deep burgundy pout

A rich burgundy pout is a very show-stopping party makeup look if you want your lips to stand out.

Start with a warm base and keep your brows, lashes, and eyeliner dark but subtle to avoid the dark lip color washing you out. Finish with a smidgeon of warm brown eyeshadow in the outer corners of your eyes, fading the color out as you proceed across your lids.


Glow in the peach

Apply varied colors of peach to your face, eyes, and lips for a healthy glow that’s subtle but fresh. Monochrome makeup is a wonderful option if you want to look attractive without going overboard. It’s also quite on-trend.

Limit yourself to one or two coats of dark brown or black mascara and a warm, dewy foundation. Then use a peach blush, a slick of peach lip gloss, and a smidgeon of peach eyeshadow to finish.

Purple eyes with a sparkle

There’s nothing quite like glitter to make you feel festive, and that goes for any hue. Use a gorgeous purple eye shadow with a sparkling, practically metallic texture to add superpowered shine to your holiday beauty look. For this look, we recommend E.L.F.’s Purple Reign Liquid Glitter Eyeshadow.

And how do you make it last? To keep your shadow and liner in place, use a lid primer. Consider a warmer lip and blush to balance out the rest of the look.


Eyes of Indigo smoke

Smoky eyes used to be simply a gray-shadow thing, but now there’s no limit to the colors that can be incorporated into the dramatic effect, which is especially appropriate for sophisticated holiday gatherings. The Lancôme Hypnôse 5-Color Eyeshadow Palette in Bleu Hypnôtique might help you get the same look.


Almost-black oxblood lips

Goths, like everyone else, like a good Christmas party. If full-on black lipstick feels a touch more Halloween than Hanukkah, another extra-dark color, oxblood, can provide the same intensity. Layer two deep purple-brown hues: Nars Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Train Bleu beneath Dior Rouge Dior lipstick in 886 Enigmatic to obtain the look. Exfoliate lips and use a lip stain before applying lipstick for the most staying power and smoothest application.

Blotted Berry Lips

Although berry is powerful lip color, a little blotting and blurring may transform it into a pleasant, party-ready appearance. With dewy skin and a subtle shimmering pale mauve eye makeup that enhances the lip color without overpowering it. If you’re worried about the blurring effect turning into an undesirable bleeding effect, or if you’re worried about it smudging, use a concealer with a baby Beautyblender to clean up the lip lines, and your lipstick will linger all night.

Classic Red Lips

Because red is one of the most strongly linked colors with Christmas, no one will ever criticize you for including it in your holiday-party look — especially if you go for a traditional red lip and otherwise understated makeup. You may add a hint of sparkle to the appearance while keeping the attention on your lips.


Here are our top party makeup looks for you to review. If you think this article is useful feel free to share it with everyone. And please always follow Selective Nails & Beauty Spa for more information.

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