We’ve got something for everyone. Feel free to dig into the cute summer nail trends we’ve been double-tapping for the last several months, whether you’re going to the salon or becoming a DIY mani expert over the past year. Everything is for every taste and skill level, from subtle gradients to checkered manicures and seasonally suitable neons. Keep scrolling to see if the summer nail looks most worthy of imitation.

Cute Summer Nails in the Heart

These heart beam nails have been appearing everywhere recently. They were inspired by The Powerpuff Girls and Gen Z’s favorite phone cover. They seem especially suitable for summer with their bright red and pink color scheme.

Clouds from a Cartoon

Although cloud nails were popular throughout winter, they give off a more summery atmosphere. In contrast to the more styled clouds appearing in the sky, these cartoony clouds are completely doable oneself. You only want a high-quality painting brush in addition to the ideal opaque white.

Manicure in the American Style

Manicurist Tom Bachik gave Nicola Peltz’s nails an American manicure inspired by the ’90s for her wedding to Brooklyn Beckham. An American manicure is similar to a French manicure. However, there needs to be more clarity between the tips and the rest of the nails. This summer, we anticipate seeing the softer design appearing in various settings.

Cute Summer Nails Stars That Shine

You’ll be ready for the beach in no time if you surround yourself with a swarm of fluorescent stars. If freehanding stars with a nail brush scares you, you can get the same look by gloating star sequins near your cuticles.

Butterflies Nails Design

These delicate butterflies will bring to remember the bright days yet to come. Try these stickers instead if you are unable to make them yourself.

The French Rainbow

Put a lovely spin on the traditional French manicure by decorating your nails with teeny-tiny rainbow tips and cloud accents.

Summer Cute Nails Art with a Smile

These rainbow smiley faces should be your first choice if you’re shopping for beautiful summer nail art to wear this season. They are a fresh take on the traditional yellow smiley-face nails seen by celebrities like Harry Styles and Dua Lipa. They are a lot of fun.

Sunny Swiggles

Choose a few of your favorite nail polish colors and apply them in a swirling pattern over a white background for quick and simple nail art. Simply using a different color on each hand brings out the awesomeness of the look.

Cute Summer Nails with Slime Green

Even if our days of watching Nickelodeon are behind us, our passion for slime will linger forever, thanks to these vibrant summer nails. To get the same effect as that of nail artist Betina Goldstein, apply two coats of Essie Nail Polish in Blanc and one coat of Stencil Me In on your nails. You might also visit a manicure salon to apply gel to your nails to get the desired ultra-shiny finish. This will truly make the green stand out.

Mismatched Hands

You want to do something entertaining, but you have no artistic talent—experiment with having a bright colour on the right hand and a different hue on the left. The hearts are very adorable, but including them is not required to get this aesthetic.

Tiny Butterflies

How adorably dainty and dainty are these little butterflies? Soft pastels with an accent of hot pink provide a perfect springtime-to-summertime transitional color palette.

The French Rainbow

The most attractive feature of this vibrant French manicure is the? In reality, they are press-on.

Cute Summer Nails with The New French

It has been some time, but it has finally returned. Even though there are many wonderful variations on French manis today, such as rainbow, glitter, and negative space, we can’t help but be pulled by the typical vintage aesthetic from the early 2010s. This is, although there are many amazing variations on French man now. Almond tips may benefit the look of natural and artificial nails because of their beautiful appearance.

Mixed Mani

If you can’t make up your mind, another fantastic choice is to experiment with various summer nail designs on each nail, such as flowers and colorful checks, to create an amazing manicure.

Cute Summer Nails Made From Sticker Books

Do you remember which sticker book your favorite was in elementary school? Maintain the same routine with your manicure care for the prettiest vintage mani possible. This collection of glittery press-one is available for purchase from Color Camp; however, it is simple enough to make on your own with a few stickers.

Delicate Flower Patterns

These delicate daisies are beautiful regardless of whether or not you have a knack for gardening. To create symmetrical dots, use the pointy end of a bobby pin or a toothpick. Very easy.


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