Best Opi Summer Colors Nail Polish 2022

You are looking at the right place if you are searching for a comprehensive catalog of Opi summer colors nail polish, ranging from the colors that traditionally appear in a rainbow to colors that have not even been thought of yet. The best shades from every OPI collection, all the way back to the very first offering from the company, may be found among our top picks. We have considered both recently released hues and well-liked classics to guarantee that your nail art will always seem modern. 

The extensive palette shows OPI’s commitment to the company’s wide range of color options. After removing any chipped nail lacquer and smoothing down the overgrown cuticles, you are ready to paint your nails with one of the lovely colors OPI offers.

Best Red OPI summer colors nail polish: Red Heads Ahead Nail Lacquer


This stunning OPI red shade is necessary for any lady’s manicure collection. You can give your nails a splash of color and a touch of old-school Hollywood glamor by painting them with only a few strokes. We found that many people seeking a means to reignite their love for the color red turned to this appealing and energizing tone as the solution to their problem.

This nail polish is just as excellent for picking things up in the colder months of autumn and winter. Additionally, it is effective on both the fingernails and the toenails. Although the vibrant color red typically goes well with summer.

OPI’s Bogotá Blackberry Nail Lacquer Is the Best Traditional Shade


The Bogotá Blackberry perfume has a dazzling and alluring appearance in the bottle. However, after you have painted the color onto your nails, you will be able to admire a muted shine that reduces the amount of glitter to a satisfactory level.

On Amazon, customers have rated this nail polish as five stars over and over 85 percent of the time, appreciating its rich shimmer and pearly finish. If you want to give this item as a gift during the holiday season, you can’t go wrong, mainly if you include a bottle of red wine.

Best Orange OPI Summer Colors Nail Polish: Toucan Do It If You Try Nail Lacquer


The color Toucan Do It If You Try is gorgeous and lively. Not to mention its name is nearly as excellent as the color itself.

This particular shade of orange has a beautiful sheen. Even though it is not quite as vibrant as other oranges, it is breathtaking when the light catches it precisely. It is a mainstay for the spring and summer seasons. Also, it has a tropical, fun vibe that goes well with complexion tones that are warm or golden.

Freedom of Peach by O.P.I. is the Best Summer Shade for Nail Polish

This vivid color is ideal for summer since it stands out among the other bright colors of the season without drawing too much attention to itself or your outfit—a perfect example of the peach-colored creamy gloss.

Its color, similar to coral, goes well with fair complexions since it highlights the inherent cool tones in such faces. This OPI nail polish in a creamy peach tint is one of the most versatile shades of the season; you can wear it to the workplace or a wedding on the beach, and it will look great in both settings.

Exceptional Nail Polish in a Brilliant Yellow Shade by O.P.I. : Exotic Birds Do Not Tweet


This toucan-yellow portion of OPI’s Fiji collection is just what you want if you look forward to basking in the sun’s warm rays when spring arrives. Yellow is a hue you can wear throughout the summer season because of its versatility and ability to revitalize and accentuate your easygoing summertime outfits.

Suppose your skin has a warm or yellowish undertone or is generally more generous. In that case, this hue will look fantastic on you. This uplifting tone may improve the mood of folks who are down on life, even during the winter when the weather is colder.

Best Green OPI Summer Colors Nail Polish: Things I’ve Seen in Aber-green Nail Lacquer


This OPI nail polish shade in army green has an edge, making it perfect for fashion-forward youngsters eager to make a statement with their nail art during the current school year. OPI’s Scotland Collection is a timeless favorite, and this polish is a part of that collection.

Because of its deep color, which brings out the warmer undertones of the skin, it is an excellent complement to complexions that range from medium to warm. It enables us to display our care for the environment on our nails. Not to mention, it is ideal for environmentally concerned people who like spending time outside.

OPI’s Blue Yoga-ta Get This Blue is the Best Blue Nail Polish for the nails


OPI’s Yoga-ta Get This Blue is a shimmering spin on the classic color blue, and it’s available as nail polish.

Whether going to a big party or just seeking a new shade to wear with your blue jeans, you simply “ga-ta” have this blue OPI color in your collection. The ideal shade of dark blue may be achieved with only one coat of this polish because of its high pigmentation and saturation levels. Your bottle will have a longer shelf life if you do this.

Best OPI Nail Polish for Nail Art: Good Girls Gone Plaid Nail Lacquer


The cheeky name of this royal purple gives away the fact that it is a part of the Scotland Collection offered by the firm. Paint it on a set of long nails, then spice it up with nail stickers and tattoos. Wear it with your favorite checkered schoolgirl skirt.

The shade of amethyst is striking and eye-catching in either its original form as a single tone or in the state in which it is layered over a lighter tone. Since it is so dark, it sometimes seems to be black. It is an excellent choice for painting patterns over a pale pink or beige backdrop.

Best Pink OPI Summer Colors Nail Polish: It’s a Girl! Nail Lacquer


OPI nail paint in a timeless hue of baby pink, ideal for a more subdued sheen. This shade is flawless, making it the perfect choice for a classic French manicure or usage as a stand-alone accent color.

If you want to attempt a traditional French manicure, add white paint to the tips of your nails (see below for our top white pick). The pinkish tone is quite sheer, making it excellent for individuals who desire a more subdued look without concealing their natural white tips. If you want a finish that will last longer, apply multiple coats.


It’s a great idea to practice your nail art using OPI’s summer hues in anticipation of the warmer months. If you give our suggestions some thinking, it would be helpful. Pick the one that lets you express yourself without sacrificing convenience. In contrast, you are the one who must take the initiative to make progress. Based on your justifications, you’ll need to choose your next move. Find out whether it fits in with the style you’ve been cultivating. Contact us at Selective Nails & Beauty Spa, and we’ll be happy to send you weekly updates on the latest developments in the nail art world. For your convenience, this article compiles a list of the top-selling OPI summer shades.

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