Beautiful Pedicure Ideas For 2022

How often do you get carried away with your nail art and neglect your toes? It’s just not something that comes to mind unless you’re lucky enough to be able to show off your feet all year in sandal weather. Sigh. The reality is that you can do whatever you want with both sets of your nails. Even though pedicure ideas seem underappreciated, they nevertheless have a nice appeal. The possibilities are infinite. Consider how much pleasure your feet will have wearing your favorite open-toed shoes!

This year’s notable toenail designs range from delicate detailing to abstract motifs. Plus, some motivation to pay attention to those neglected nail beds. And Selective Nails & Beauty Spa has compiled a list of must-see toe nail designs below.

Pedicure ideas with matchy-matchy mani-pedi

This beautiful pairing illustrates how you may compliment your French manicure without having to tackle intricate French tip toenails, which is one of this year’s hottest fads. We adore the bright orange hue, which is both lively and attractive.

2022 pedicure colors for you to try
2022 pedicure colors for you to try

Pedicure 2022 with a mate watermelon 

This stunning appearance demonstrates how much influence a simple texture adjustment can have. Many clinics offer powder dipping pedicures for that ultra-matte effect, or you may buy a mate topcoat to change up the sheen of your favorite polish.


Leopard statement pedicure ideas 

Wearing monochrome nail art on the big toe is a classy approach to try a jazzy pattern on your foot. To attempt this at home, you’ll need a steady hand and a striping brush, or you can cheat using a nail wrap sticker.


Speckled pink top for 2022

This vibrant pink with a speckled pattern will draw attention to you while also complementing practically any clothing or skin tone. Use black polish and a striping brush or a very thin eyeliner brush to create the feature toe. The beauty of this design is that the splotches are meant to be irregular, making it considerably easier to replicate at home than flawless polka dots.

Pedicure trends 2022 – Pastel sparkle 

The glossy sheen and glittery details here maintain the appearance appealing, while pastel tones always look lovely and spring-like. To recreate the look at home, pick yourself a packet of nail jewels or simply apply a coat of glitter lacquer.

One of the best pedicure ideas this year for you
One of the best pedicure ideas this year for you

Pedicure ideas come with luxurious lavender touches

Due to Pantone’s selection of Very Peri as the color of the year 2022, you’ll see a lot of lavender in trend roundups. This is one of the most daring pedicure ideas, but it’s a fantastically striking appearance thanks to the combination of block colors and arty statement nail design.

Blue sky ombre – Pedicure colors 2022

Get creative and blend some colors together for a unique, joyful look. When it comes to pedicure ideas, this is a simple but effective option. Apply a small amount of nail polish to the bottom, and swipe on a clashing color to the top. Use a makeup sponge to blend the tones together, and finish off with a top coat.


French pedicure ideas 

The French manicure is making a comeback, thanks to a 90s resurgence. It’s a style that works with everything and lends a touch of doneness to ordinary ensembles. It’s only natural that the trend has made its way down to our toes. There are many other ways to wear French tip nails, so don’t limit yourself to simply nude and white. To add some variety, use brighter hues.

Cherry picked pedi? Why not 

This vintage cherry pattern design adds some fruity fun to pedicure ideas that aren’t too serious. The design is also surprisingly easy to execute. Dip the end of a makeup brush (the best makeup brushes for this are often liner brushes) into a red polish to make the cherries, then add the stems with a thinner brush. It looks great with red nail polish and rockabilly gingham print.

Fruit can be great when talking about pedicure ideas
Fruit can be great when talking about pedicure ideas

Tangerine tones 

It’s not all about the unusual patterns and designs; block colors may be just as powerful. A pedicure in this exquisite orange-toned red will match with any pair of shoes. This glossy finish completely completes the look. A few days after painting, add another layer of topcoat to increase the shine.

Pristine white nail polish

A few layers of white nail paint is simple, effective, and works well with deep skin tones. It may not be for everyone. Although we wouldn’t choose it for a manicure, there’s something about a white pedicure that feels fresh and clean. It’ll go with any pair of shoes or outfit, and it’s one of those basic pedicure ideas that’s both easy and effective.


Rainbow sparkle stripes

Mix several tones with glitter for a pedicure that’s all about having fun. Sticking to pastel tones, as they did here, helps to tone down the appearance a little, preventing it from being too circus-y (unless that’s your goal). Paint a different tone on each toe, then go in with some glitter to obtain this appearance without having to paint stripes.


There are plenty of pedicure trends to choose from. Remember to select one of these toenail design ideas that best suits your personality, attire, and can assist you in looking your best. We are certain that our recommendations will aid you in making a decision. Please follow Selective Nails & Beauty Spa for more important information.

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