Are you growing bored of the lengthy winter yet? During the harsh winter months, darker tones like brown, wine red, or gray dominate the color palette, but the new season offers warmer temperatures and a vivid magnificence in nature. Our desire for bolder colors is expanding, and gel nails in spring 2022 are true mood boosters! Is your next nail salon appointment just around the corner? Then you’ve come to the correct spot! We’ve selected the most intriguing nail trends and ideas for your next manicure in the following post!

Swirl nails trends in 2022

To be sure, swirl nails are not new. Last year, the fun designs took over social media and our hearts, and this season will be no different. Beautiful waves that seem incredibly elegant and offer our hands a lively and contemporary touch are the nail trend.

Curved swirl nails with larger and finer lines in every hue are making a comeback and will decorate our gel nails in spring 2022. In line with the warm weather, bright colors like light pink, orange, lavender, and sky blue are popular. With this nail trend, your creativity has no restrictions, and you may choose whatever color you like.

And the most lovely thing? You don’t need to make an appointment at the nail salon to get a fun appearance. The wavy lines are pretty simple and fast to paint at home. All you need is a toothpick, nail paint in your chosen colors, and a steady hand for this!

To begin, softly stroke the toothpick on the nail polish brush and draw the wavy lines in the appropriate form. The size and width of them are entirely subjective. Everything is allowed, and the aesthetic is always amazing.

Spring gel nail trends include delicate flowers.

When it comes to blooming and flowers, nature lets loose throughout the spring and summer. It’s no surprise. Therefore, that flowery motifs will decorate our gel nails in spring 2022. Peonies, daisies, and other beautiful flowers look adorable and offer our hands a refreshing and vivid touch. The floral nail trend pre-programs a nice mood, and the flower-adorned designs have already won our hearts and social media.

The creative choices are almost limitless, and you can truly let your hair down. Whether you select a subtle floral accent or go all out and adorn all of your fingernails with tiny flowers, it doesn’t matter. The final effect is always a striking and cheery appearance that will draw attention.

Spring gel nails 2022: Black French nails trendy

Simple and highly attractive, French manicures will continue to be our favorite nail designs, and they will most likely never go out of style. The ageless classic returns for the new season, albeit with a little improvement. Is black just for autumn and winter? Not at all! Black French tips are the nail trend of the year, and we can’t wait to try them out.

The black nail tips provide a sleek and trendy edge to our gel nails in spring 2022, which makes a big impact. Whether with glitter, the current metallic style, or the famous Micro French Nails, the options for rocking the trend are almost limitless, and you can let your creativity run wild.

Who says French nails always have to have round nail tips? In spring 2022, you may also test out and create your gel nails here. As a manicure trend, black French tips appear attractive and elegant when combined with delicate nude hues and beige subtleties.

Glitter and rhinestones are pure glitz.

Pearls and sparkling rhinestones are not only among the top beauty trends for 2022, but they also look great on our nails. The gleaming accents make gel nails glow in spring 2022, transforming our hands into true showpieces. What’s more, the finest part? You can replicate the sophisticated appearance at home.

Paint the fingernails in the preferred color and add the rhinestones with a dotting pen to complete the appearance for a vivid spring style! The nail paint trend surely adds a positive feeling to your gel nails and makes them seem more interesting. You may also get creative with the colors and sizes of the stones. The accessories appear especially delicate and beautiful when paired with pastel hues like pink and sky blue.

Spring gel nails 2022: Negative space nails

Do you like basic and minimalist nail designs? Then Negative Space Nails is the place to go for your gel nails in spring 2022! Individual portions of the fingernails are painted with transparent nail polish rather than colored nail polish as is customary. This creates what is known as negative space, or negative space, in German.

It is entirely up to you the colors you choose for your Negative Space Nails and which shapes you paint. Also, with this nail trend in 2022, everything goes, and there are no restrictions on your inventiveness. The various patterns undoubtedly make a difference and always guarantee a pleasant mood, whether it’s little colorful accents on the nail tip, soothing waves, or minimalist corners as a subtle eye-catcher.

Very peri

The Pantone color of 2022 is dubbed Very Peri, which is most likely the hue no one will notice. This lovely blue-purple tint with a cheerful undertone is ideal for our gel nails in spring 2022! The shade represents personal innovation and should inspire us to be more creative. Very Peri is a true all-rounder and will accompany us in nail designs throughout the year, whether as French nails, a modest splash of color, or basic and monochromatic.


Experiment with a few different spring gel nail designs while developing your lovely spring nail art ideas. We want you to know that we have great faith that our guidance and recommendations will benefit you somehow. You are free to choose the one that connects with you on a deeper level and encapsulates who you are to the greatest extent possible. Nevertheless, the decision is wholly and utterly up to you. You have complete control over the decision that is made. Determine whether or not it fits in with the aesthetic you have already developed and are continuing to hone. Keep up with Selective Nails & Beauty Spa on social media to get timely and relevant information.